I was born and mostly raised on the East Coast on the New Jersey shore. I moved to Cape Cod and then to San Francisco in 1987 where I found my true home. I had a house cleaning company for 11 years in SF and then founded a small internet company in 1998. In 2005-2007 I completed a 2 year life coach certification program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto and in 2007 finished classses as a peer counselor in the substance abuse peer counselor program in the Social Services Dept. at CCSF.

In 2000 I worked from home allowing for some extra free time during my days. My friends who worked 8-10 hour days would call and ask if I would take their pups out for a pee break. I started taking 3 dogs to the park mid-day as a favor and realized it was the part of my day I liked the most. I wanted a dog of my own and I found Sierra, a 4 month old pit/lab mix at the SPCA. She is my baby and my life revolves around her in every way. Now in her senior years you may recognize her as "the dog in the little red radio flyer wagon" in front of Peet's Coffee on Market Street or riding through the Castro going to Duboce Park every morning and late afternoons, or on Facebook.

I decide to make a business out something I loved to do anyway and started Black Paw Dog in 2005. In 2008 I completed the DogTec Dog Walking Academy certification program taught by Veronica Boutelle and Kim Moeller. This education allowed me even more confidence and knowledge when interacting with dogs. At that time I was also cerified with PetTec first aid certification. I have taken classes at the Marin Humane Society on dog aggression and play group behaviors and constantly update and modify my education.

An average day with Black Paw Dog service starts by picking up each dog, rain or shine, loading them into my suv and heading to the choice dog park of the day. I tend to go to 27th/Douglass dog run the most. It has trees, trails, hills, grass and a big open field. After a good run chasing toys, squirrels and each other along with lots of panting (about 75 minutes) the group is ready for the drive home. All in all the pups are out for at least 2.5 hours, sometimes more on a nice day.

I wouldn't call myself the dog whisperer but when I talk to my dogs they hear me and respond with love, attentiveness and respect. Always postive reinforcement and love. Come out and play!